Family Reunions

Philadelphia is a city that offers fun, food, shopping, history and so much more for every age group.

Making Great Memories for You and Your Family

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the expertise of PHL Diversity, can assist you in hosting a family reunion that will give your family a special story to share for generations! 

Bring your family together in our home — a city that each day celebrates diversity and the heritage of people from all over the world. Hundreds of events and attractions in Philadelphia celebrate the cultures of African Americans, LGBT, Hispanic, Asian, Women and Native Americans. With historic sites, world-class theater and dance companies, renowned jazz and heritage festivals and award-winning restaurants, it’s clear that Philadelphia is here for the making.

Philadelphia is the perfect place for generations of families to connect and learn more about the city and about each other. 

We welcome family reunions by assisting reunion planners.

For more information and support for your reunion, please contact PHL Diversity.


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