Creative Ways to Make Event Furnishings Work for You

March 9, 2022

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Creative Ways to Make Event Furnishings Work for You


Every event needs the right mix of furnishings to truly be successful, and when chosen correctly, your furniture can enhance the style and creativity of your event. Here are some essential pieces for you to consider, along with advice on how to make the most of them.


Soft Seating: Sofas, Chairs, and More

No matter the nature of your event, soft seating offers eventgoers more than just comfort. The right choices in sofas, chairs, and ottomans — as well as other types of soft seating — give you the ability to strike the perfect tone and style for your event.

Consider a modular, serpentine, sectional or closed circle seating arrangement in an open area, or a fully modular Beverly Grouping for promoting conversation and collaboration. Don’t forget, if you’re putting soft seating at your event, that accent tables, communal tables, and side tables are must for adding convenience and flair to your space.

If it’s upscale luxury you’re after, combine an oversized sofa with a contemporary chair in a neutral – basic – color for style that’s both lavish and relaxing. If the event you’re planning is going to be outdoors, choose seating that gives you plenty of options for customization and comfort that’s rated to withstand the elements.

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Tables: Working Sessions, Networking, Catering, and More

Finding the right tables that fit the function and décor of your event is almost as important as choosing the proper large furniture pieces. Look for tables that offer the customization and flexibility to suit your needs, and take advantage of modern technology with powered tables that allow eventgoers to charge their devices. You can also find tables that allow you to take the festivities outdoors.

For networking opportunities where eventgoers have the opportunity to sit, opt for café tables that contribute to an inviting atmosphere.

Photo by Anthony Thai Photography

Décor: Setting the Scene

Once you’ve settled on how you want your event to be furnished in your space, it’s time to focus on décor. Decorative items are about more than just appearance because they can add practical and aesthetic value to your event. The right décor items can enhance a theme, set a mood, or designate specific rooms or areas within a larger space.

Three quick and easy décor items for adding that “wow factor” to your space are: pillows, lighting, and drapery. Pillows can enhance your soft seating with a pop of color, a shock of contrast, or a bit of texture. Choose pillows in different sizes and textures to give your soft seating spaces variety and depth.

Photo by Anthony Thai Photography

With lighting, it considered to be one of the most crucial, yet often overlooked, features of event décor. Utilize the lighting to craft dramatic effects or draw attention to certain parts of the event space.

Lastly, drapery is a great decorative tool for taking your event to the next level. Use drapes to divide a larger space into smaller areas or as wayfinding to draw attendees into the room. Layers of drapery create colorful effects that match any event theme or concept and can create memorable lounges and cabana areas.

If any of these ideas sound overwhelming, don’t worry: CORT Events is here to help. From inspiration to execution and from the drawing board to the event’s end, CORT Events offers everything you need to pull off your best event in a worry-free, affordable and sustainable fashion.

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