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Who Is the Labor Supplier and What Is Their Role? Meet Elliott-Lewis

Elliott-Lewis is the Pennsylvania Convention Center labor broker which provides one stop shopping for the show contractor and your I&D House.

What Does Elliott-Lewis Do?
• Eliminates all labor disputes and disruptions during set-up and teardown of a show.
• Makes a single entity (PCC/Elliott-Lewis) accountable for ensuring that the new work rules and code of conduct are enforced.
• Reduce an exhibitor’s cost of exhibiting at the PCC.
• Reduce the show contractor’s cost of doing business at the PCC.

Pre-Event Role of Elliott-Lewis
• Coordinate pre-event, labor planning meetings with individual contractors (all pre-planning discussions and agreements are followed up in writing from Elliott-Lewis).
• Assist individual contractors with the development of their manpower plans for upcoming events.
•Educate the contractors on the “do’s & don’ts” of the PCC’s CSA (how to work in the building).
•Serve as the primary interface with the PCC’s trade unions on fulfillment of labor call.

What is Elliott-Lewis’ Role During an Event?
• Organize and monitor labor calls for all contractors working on the floor (general contractor and I&D companies as well).
• Re-allocate and backfill contractor labor calls to overcome temporary labor shortages.
• Resolve jurisdictional disputes without the direct involvement of either the customers and/or exhibitors.
• Proactively inform exhibitors of their new rights contained within the PCC’s Customer Satisfaction Agreement (in writing).
• Ensure that the PCC’s Code of Conduct is strictly enforced at all times on the show floor.

What is Elliott-Lewis’s Role After Event (Post-Event)?
• Coordinate post-event labor meetings with the contractors to review the show, before, during and after potential operational issues.
• Accumulate and analyze all man-hour/labor cost data from an event for possible use by the show contractor and planner/organizer for future shows.
What Are Elliott-Lewis’ General & Administrative Duties?
• Handle all employment/payroll administrative functions for union labor, to include: daily timekeeping, weekly payroll processing, unemployment insurance claim, workman’s compensation insurance and claims, and processing of union fringe benefits.
• Respond to post-show inquiries from customers regarding labor costs.
• Manage any union personnel actions that may be necessary (disputes or performance issues).
• Negotiate and manage “PCC-only” favorable collective bargaining agreements with the trade unions.


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