A City That Speaks for Itself.

The second largest city on the East Coast (and first World Heritage City in the nation) has plenty to love, and plenty who love it. Our multicultural community is home to more than a thousand restaurants, from the award-winning to the iconic. Not to mention six professional sports teams (including the 2018 Super Bowl champs), fine art, free fine art and miles of green space. Frankly speaking? What you see here is what you get here. So take a look.

Get here easy. Get around easier.

As a central east coast gateway, Philadelphia welcomes daily non-stop flights from 130+ cities worldwide to a bustling airport only 7 miles (11km) from a walkable, rideable downtown.

Plenty of room for big ideas.

We’ve got 11,000+ hotel rooms within a 15-minute walk of downtown’s Pennsylvania Convention Center (a 25,000-person venue) with plenty more throughout our historically diverse neighborhoods.

We know people who know people.

The country’s 2nd largest university population is home to healthcare exports, community leaders, sports stars, tech pioneers, top life science researchers and thought leaders from every field. We’ll connect you with the minds that matter to your organizations.

You in?

See how we woo overseas visitors to hang with our cityful of outspoken locals.

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