What We Never Thought We’d Miss About Meetings …

Back-to-back Zoom meetings. Virtual conferences. Remote everything.

We long for the days of in-person meetings and have found ourselves surprisingly and increasingly nostalgic for those little idiosyncratic moments that happen at every live event.

Enjoy our favorite missed moments below and check back soon for new additions.

All the Swag

You don’t get any swag from Zoom meetings.

The Close Talker

We miss being close to our colleagues at meetings (but maybe not that close).

Late Night Networking

No conference is complete without a late-night networking session at the hotel bar.

Fight to Charge

There’s something thrilling about the race to recharge.

Mic Hog

When a single question turns into an interview…

The Session Sneak Out

Loudest. Door. Ever.

Empty Row Deception

Don’t get too comfortable…

Front Row Seat

Come on down! Plenty of seats in the front row…😕

Walking Everywhere

The exercise. The sense of discovery. The aching feet.

All The Food

Breakfast, second breakfast, a.m. break, lunch, p.m. break, reception, dinner…

Animation story submitted by Deanna McPhee.


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