Pennsylvania Convention Center Rights & Work Rules

Progressive work rules and streamlined services at the SMG-managed Pennsylvania Convention Center help make it the best value in the northeast. Unload, move, set up and install — easy as can be. Click to view the full customer rights and work rules PDF, or scroll down for details.


IN THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, known for its history-making meetings, we do hereby establish that all those who gather in our world-class facility have the right to:

1. EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT. By bringing in industry-leader SMG to oversee our beautiful downtown Pennsylvania Convention Center, it’s clear we’re further dedicating ourselves to transparent, accountable and professional management for your meeting.


  • Unload their personally owned vehicles using their own equipment, including dollies, luggage carriers, non-hydraulic cart, and two- to four-wheel hand trucks.
  • Set up and tear down within their 600-square foot booth area or show space.
  • Use power tools and ladders (up to 6 feet) to set up and tear down exhibits.
  • Install signage and floor coverings.
  • Install and remove non-rented AV equipment.

3. PERSONNEL CHOICE. Exhibitors have the freedom to work with as many of their own full-time employees as needed to set up and tear down their booths.

4. SIMPLE COMPUTER SETUP. Exhibitors, show managers and customers have the freedom to set up and connect their own computers that are not rented, components and lowvoltage power supply equipment for non-public use. (Our skilled labor will need to set up any rented equipment, registration and public-use computers.)

5. SELF PROMOTION. Show managers have the freedom to place, move and remove easels, signs, poster board materials and up to six pop-up signs.

6. EASY DISPLAY SET UP. Exhibitors, show managers and customers have the freedom to open boxes, stock shelves, set up, plug in, hang up and freely distribute their non-bulk products/ literature within their 600-square foot booth area or show space.

7. DISPLAY MAINTENANCE. Exhibitors have the freedom to perform maintenance on their own display equipment after the initial setup.

8. A SUPPORTIVE TEAM. Each labor union shall establish a core workforce of hospitality focused show labor workers.

9. SKILLED WORKERS. Everyone on your team will be highly skilled and will have received specialized training in hospitality services.

10. PURSUE HAPPINESS. Make it a great meeting in our state-of-the-art meeting facility in the heart of one of the nation’s most dynamic, walkable, historic and visitor-friendly downtowns.


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