Global Social Media Plan

Social media is a great way for partners to connect with international Philadelphia visitors. To help you reach these travelers, here are five actionable steps your team can take.

1. Identify

Start by identifying what global audience you want to reach. Your target audience could be a specific country or a general region of the world. If you’re unsure what international audience you should target, research what specific countries would resonate with your business. The research on our Partner dashboard can help you determine who to target.

2. Research

Once you’ve identified who you’re targeting, research the culture, trends, and holidays of this country. You can use this information to craft content specific to that audience and start conversations. Due to varying regulations and cultural differences, each country has different social media habits. Research the platforms your target audience is most active on to support your efforts best. 

3. Follow global news

When big international news is relevant to all cultures, appropriately participate in the conversation. Make yourself heard by engaging with relevant content, using trending hashtags, and spreading your message.

4. Create content

Once you know where and who you want to target, write social media posts for your already active platforms. Short-form videos are a recent trend for global audiences, so if you have a talented content creator on your team, have them create and post videos on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. And if you have the budget, boost your post to further your global reach.

5. Tell feel-good stories

Social media users love a feel-good story. Engage with users by sharing your personal journey, positive customer interactions, and the stories of international visitors.

If you have questions or further advice, you can always reach out to the PHLCVB communications team.

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