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Amish Experience Theater and Homestead

Amish house and one-room school; guided Amish farmland tours at 10:00am, noon, and 2:00pm; hourly "Jacob's Choice" theater show about Amish life.

The East Coast’s only experiential theater, showing Jacob’s Choice, the emotional story of an Amish family, with dramatic special effects. Guided walks through 9-room Heritage Site Amish house and one-room school. Fascinating backroad farmland tours with certified guides, where Amish live and work. Exclusive Visit-in-Per ... son tours. Theme tours and special rates for groups and schools. Also now showing three Magic Lantern Shows (Patriotic, Bible Stories, Christmas) the way America was entertained before there were movies. This is the only permanent Magic Lantern Theater in the world in the last 130 years.

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