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CETRA Language Solutions

We work with over 300 languages and ASL providing translators, interpreters and interpretation equipment for conferences and events. We provide both on-site and remote interpretation services.

CETRA is a full-service Language Solutions Provider with a mission to ensure your cross-cultural communications will always be accurate, on time and culturally sensitive. We work with a network of 5,000 linguists in over 300 languages to ensure that our experienced professionals will have the specific expertise your business requires. CETRA is an active member of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau ... and the American Translators Association (ATA). Conferences and Events CETRA is an experienced provider of conference interpretation, including linguists and equipment, for events in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors. We can provide on-site and remote (telephonic and video remote) interpretation services. Our global interpretation practice has allowed us to develop an extensive roster of professional interpreters who have linguistic certifications and expertise in the subject matter of the event. Many of our interpreters are members of the ATA, International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), and other language associations. They also have linguistic degrees and bring unique knowledge and invaluable cultural insight from their native countries. We can also provide event planners with robust audio technology that connects the conference participants and interpreters for the duration of the event. In addition, our technology and technicians work seamlessly with existing event space infrastructure. CETRA has the interpreters, equipment, and technicians you need to make sure your conference or event goes off without a hitch. Our Services Translation • Transcreation • Multilingual DTP • Website Globalization • Software Localization • Interpretation (including ASL) • Media & Intelligence Analysis • Voice-over • Transcription • Interpreting Equipment Rental

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