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With a  cutting edge  format, we can bring a new level of fun, creativity, and engagement to your event.  By incorporating your event logo onto apparel, we ensure a fun and interactive activity, all while increasing brand exposure.  Live Ink can even personalize an item by adding a name or message to the keepsake.  For activations, client appreciation and employee team building events, offer the item as ... a giveaway.  Fundraisers or festivals… sell apparel to guests further increasing donations and revenues.  With our Print-On-Demand Process (PODP) there is no inventory to buy in advance and we can manage the staffing required for brand ambassadors.  Need us to produce hundreds per hour or thousands per day?  No problem at all.   Live Ink can also integrate data collection and social media enhancements into the overall experience.     Guests can become part of the process by selecting custom graphics and colors designed specifically for your event and then watch it all come together LIVE in just minutes.  Our trained staff will print the item on an array of items such as shirts, hats, posters, and bags. The result….. custom apparel your guests will cherish for years and a memory of how they were involved.  Most activations are looking for a form of entertainment, guest activity, branded reminder item, and data collection.  Live Ink combines all these needs into one memorable experience. Looking to just add some fun …. Live Ink can be your solution too!

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