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Mutter Museum

Step inside the world of 19th century medicine at the world renown Mutter Museum.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum is one of the most unique and interesting museums in the country, featuring collections of medical oddities, wax models, antique medical equipment, anatomical and pathological specimens, and more. Visitors to the Mutter Museum are able to marvel at the conjoined liver of Sia ... mese twins Chang and Eng Bunker, slides of Albert Einstein’s brain, and the mystery surrounding the famous Soap Lady. The Mutter Museum also invites the public to attend many lectures, workshops, and conferences that the College offers, in order to help the public understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body while appreciating the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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  • Onsite AV Available
  • Free Admission
  • Guided Tour Available
  • Group Friendly