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Promo Pix Plus

Our robotic Photo Bot goes where other photo booths can’t - EVERYWHERE! It roams & takes photos that users can text, email, and post to social media.

PROMO PIX PLUS – Corporate Branding…Made Picture Perfect We are a photo marketing company. We are NOT your typical photo booth operators. Our photo booths go where others can’t…EVERYWHERE! Whether it’s a traditional print, or a digital photo shared to social media, we “get your brand in their hand.” The Photo Bot is a remote controlled robotic photo booth that moves about your event and engag ... es users. Whether it’s cruising the convention floor, rolling the red carpet, or traveling around a trade show…we bring the booth to you! We also offer The Selfie Shield. Armed with a handheld photo booth, brand ambassadors roam all around your event capturing pictures and videos of attendees. It’s perfect for outdoor events or festivals where other photo booths can’t go! But these aren’t JUST pictures. Everyone has a camera in their pocket, and anyone can take a picture. What makes us different? Promo Pix Plus will: gather user information generate leads direct traffic to your website increase brand / event awareness The PLUS is our unique social media integration. Sure, we can print the photos. However, once the photos or videos are taken, they are also immediately available to be shared online.  Users can: Email and/or text their images and videos upload their images and videos to their favorite social media sites Real time sharing, hash-tagging, and commenting helps spread your message and increases your exposure exponentially. When they share their pictures, they share your message.  PROMO PIX PLUS – Corporate Branding…Made Picture Perfect!

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