Partner Past Due Policy

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to stipulate the financial obligations by partners to the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) and the procedures for not fulfilling those obligations. This policy applies to all partners of the PHLCVB and to all financial obligations and payments due or made to the PHLCVB by a partner.

Partners are required to satisfy their financial obligations to the PHLCVB in a timely fashion. Partner financial obligations include but are not limited to partnership annual dues.

Failure of a Partner to pay annual partnership dues by the due date noted on their billing statement will constitute debt delinquency and may result in loss of partnership benefits.

Notification Process

Partners will receive 30 days to pay the full balance due on their billing statement unless otherwise specified through prior billing arrangements made with a partnership and/or accounting staff member. If that balance is not paid within 30 days of receiving the initial billing statement, the account becomes past due.

30+ Days Past Due

If the balance due becomes 30+ days past due, the partner is informed via email notice by a partnership staff member.

60+ Days Past Due

If the balance due becomes 60+ days past due, the partner is informed via email and by an accounting staff member via phone. The partner will have a maximum of 30 additional days to pay the account in full or to establish a plan for payment with the approval of the Director of Partnership and Strategic Alliances.

90+ Days Past Due

If the balance due becomes 90+ days past due, the partner will receive a final notice stating that benefits have been revoked and the partnership has been terminated. Partner is also made aware that if payment is made in full at any time during that year, the partnership is reinstated within 48 hours, and benefits are available for the remainder of the calendar year.

Once a partnership has been terminated, access to the following benefits will be deactivated effective immediately:

    Member newsletters

    Partnership portal

    Sales leads

    Website listing

    No opportunity for Discover PHL level listing

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