Enhanced Labor Agreement at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

August 16, 2019

New Customer Service Agreement expands exhibitor rights

Customer-focused work rules empower exhibitors to set up and dismantle their own booths without limitation on booth size.

Pennsylvania Convention Center photo courtesy of the PHLCVB.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center announced a progressive expansion to exhibitor rights that will provide a more cost-effective and efficient customer experience. The agreement, known as the Customer Satisfaction Agreement (CSA), empowers exhibitors to perform more work within their own booths. In addition to reducing labor costs, the policy will allow exhibitors to perform that work without limitation on maximum booth size.

“As a result of the Pennsylvania Convention Center’s strong partnership with trade labor, our facility now has the most progressive exhibitor rights of any major urban convention center in the Northeast,” said Gregory J. Fox, Esq., chair of the Center’s Board of Directors.

The changes to exhibitor rights will help to deliver the best possible experience and value to customers. The agreement will be in place until May 2029.

BIO 2019 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Photo by J. McWilliams for PHLCVB.

Highlights of the Expanded Exhibitor Capabilities:


Signage that is displayed on an easel may be moved and changed by the Show Management full-time staff (excluding framed signs and one-meter boards or larger). Show management and customers may place pop-up signage. Pop-ups may be used for branding, directional signage and for backdrops for booths or bookstores.

Product Placement

Products may be organized and placed by the Show Management full-time staff. Show labor will deliver boxes to a central location for full-time staff to place in the designated location.

Show Management Computers

Personal and company owned computers (non-public use) used for registration or show management licensed areas (bookstore, headquarters office, press office) can be set up by full-time show management staff.

Association Booth in Exhibit Hall

Show Management full-time staff can set up, stock product and dismantle without booth size limitation. Power tools can be used by the Show Management full-time staff, subject to building safety guidelines. If electric or lighting is required, show labor will install and dismantle. When using an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor or General Service Contractor to set up the booth, show labor will need to be ordered.

Volunteers and Show Management Full-Time Staff

Full-time staff may move 22 x 28 signage, set up the organization’s booth, registration area and bookstore area, as long as the equipment is owned by the organization. Volunteers cannot assist with setup, product and/or sign movement. Any task that is not performed by Show Management full-time staff is reserved for show labor.


For more information, consult the Show Organizer Quick Guide and Pennsylvania Convention Center’s Pledge to Customer Service. For questions, contact the PHLCVB Sales Team.

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